IMG_2432I was going to write this recap on Sunday, but I decided instead to maximize the amount of not-doing-anything-productive I could for the weekend. It was glorious.

Intention for the week: “Persist.” Persistence is like consistency, but a little more active. Consistency feels more passive to me. Persisting means not just getting up and logging the miles, but making the most of each day. On Wednesday I noted in my log a reminder to “focus on the process and what you can do today to be better tomorrow.” That includes taking recovery days easy — but also accepting that some weeks they will be really slow, and some weeks they might now. No need to speed up or slow down, either way.

Monday: 6 easy miles in the morning, humid but good, 49 min/144 AHR. Squeezed in a 2 mile run/walk with our new dog Morgan (she’s on Instagram!). Started the Bulletproof Runners/Kinetic Revolution 30 Day Challenge that evening. I’m trying to fine tune some of the “extras” I can do that will make an impact on my running while requiring minimal time. Hoping this challenge results in identifying some specific stretches and exercises to incorporate. Also did the Jasyoga calf reset while I was at it.

DCIM108GOPROGOPR1797.JPGTuesday: 10 miles with 6 miles steady-state (85% max HR), 74 min/155 AHR. I was feeling intimidated by this workout and thought about putting off until the evening (and doing it on the treadmill where I could set it and forget it). But I knew I’d be happier if it was out of the way early. 3 mile warmup, 6 miles at 6:58/164 HR averages, 1 mile cool down. A good confidence boost. Bulletproof day 2 in the evening.

Wednesday: Global Running Day! Aka, Wednesday. Haha. Easy 6 in beautiful weather, 48 min/143 AHR. That’s a good Wednesday! Taught Pilates in the evening — foam roller class!

Thursday: Slept in. But not really, just long enough to not have time to run and didn’t want to. Why is Thursday the day where I run out of early-morning steam? It’s the second workout of the week, and it wasn’t even a hard one. But I didn’t do it. Haha. I took Morgan for a longer walk instead. But that means trying to squeeze it in around my 5:30-6:15 p.m. Pilates class. I decided late Thursday to take Friday off work, and texted coach about swapping Thursday and Friday. He agreed it was fine as long as I did the workout early on Friday so I’d have more recovery. So 6 miles quick from the gym before class, 45 min/152 AHR, then taught Pilates. Became really grateful for the Friday no-work day when I realized I was subbing the Saturday double.

IMG_2582Friday: Vacay day! Slept in a little, took Morgan out, then 8 miles with aerobic interval mix (pretty short intervals of about 200 meters and less with double-time recovery). Then took Morgan on a 3 mile trail walk and to the dog park, and then we had lunch together. And then I took a nap. Eventually I did Bulletproof day 3. Good day.

Saturday: 14 miles early, 1:50/150 AHR <- weird! Good long run, best since getting back after the mini. Still warm especially at the end but better. Three water stops, Hammer Nutrition Fully Charged before but no other nutrition before or during. Did Jasyoga “How to Kickstart Recovery” when I got home and Hammer Recoverite, played with Morgan, then ate half an almond butter sandwich on my way to teach. Two hours of Pilates later … Did not do much the rest of the day. Not complaining.

Sunday: Hilly 7 miles with a friend, 57 min/148 AHR. Conversational pace. A couple more miles than was on my schedule but I figured it would be okay if the pace was easy. Good run followed by bagels. Mmmmm carbs. No cross-training.

Totals: 57 miles run, almost 5 hours of Pilates/Jasyoga/Bulletproofing.

Glow: Felt good all week plus a lot of cross-training!

Growth: I want to get Morgan up to running but I’m having trouble fitting in some run/walks with her with my mileage being higher and it being hot.