The Atypical Hammer Athlete

In each issue of Endurance News, Hammer Nutrition highlights some of the less conventional ways their nutritional fuels help people. From firefighters to farmers, Hammer Nutrition customers use their products far and wide to produce amazing results. Hammer’s “atypical athletes” show how smart fueling benefits others beyond cycling and running. This issue, they featured me! Here, I talk about my fitness routine and share what Hammer products fuel my success.


2 thoughts on “The Atypical Hammer Athlete

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  1. I love the article! I love that you incorporate pilates into your training too and don’t “just run”. I do yoga as well and really hope to try a pilates class someday (there aren’t many gyms and places here that offer it).

    1. I was doing Pilates and Yoga regularly when I started running, and when I swapped them out and replaced them with (you guessed it) more running, I ended up (you guessed it) injured. Never again! I do a lot of Jasyoga at home, I love her videos. Pilates can be harder to find and if you go to a Pilates Studio it’s usually pretty pricey. Part of why we joined the gym we’re at is that they offer quite a few Pilates classes in the regular group exercise schedule!

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