Weekly Recap 11/26/17

This was my last week off work before I start my new job. It’s been nice having some downtime but I’m excited about my new position and ready to get started! I am not, however, looking forward to running in the dark basically every day. My running was a little mixed up this week since... Continue Reading →

Teaser Tuesday – Week 4

This week I'm demoing Teaser III, where you move your upper and lower body simultaneously. This exercise is a culmination of all the facets of Pilates. Find it on YouTube! You can find weeks 1-3 on my YouTube page or in this post from last week.

Weekly Recap 11/19/17

This week ended with a FUN running weekend but I have to do this chronologically for my sanity so hang on. Monday: 6 miles, 50 min, 139 AHR. Woof. After pacing a friend for a half on Sunday, this was very not pleasant. Taught Pilates in the evening, advanced class which meant I got to... Continue Reading →

Pilates Teaser Video Series!

The Pilates teaser is one of my favorite moves, because it really puts all the pieces together into one beautiful exercise. It targets all your powerhouse muscles, including your abdominals, spinal extensors, and hip flexors. It is a challenging move, and there are three variations of Teaser — moving just your arms (teaser I), moving... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 11/12/17

Since I am transitioning between jobs, I’ve been able to basically play professional runner for a few weeks. Unfortunately it comes at a downtime in training, but those things combined have allowed me to 1) teach a ton of Pilates and 2) start implementing a strength training routine that will hopefully become habit enough to... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 11/5/17

Guys, let me start you with a funny story. After Chicago, I threw my shoes into basically a plastic garbage bag, unsealed. They were wet and it was best for them to be quarantined. When I got home, I obviously wasn’t wearing racing flats for a while. Since the bag was open, I just tossed... Continue Reading →

October Mileage

In October I both ran a marathon and recovered from one. I take both equally seriously! Miles run: 140 miles Time spent running: 18 hours Longest run: 26.2 miles Treadmill miles: 14 Pilates and Jasyoga: 17.5 hours 41 hours of fitness Weekly totals: 49 (Sept. 25-Oct. 1) 64.6 (Chicago Marathon) 14 17 32 12 (Oct.... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 10/29/17

So a crazy thing happened this week. I signed up for Monumental. Just the half, I mean, I’m not that crazy. Coach Matt sent me an email when he updated my log and said if I was feeling good, we should talk about something I could do while CG is running the full. I wasn’t sure... Continue Reading →

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