Even though 2018 didn’t go as planned, I’m not upset about it. A lot of great things happened!

Cool things that happened:

  • Placed second at the Carmel Marathon and almost tied my PR in not-great conditions
  • Set a new women’s course record at the Backside Trail Half Marathon and won two other half marathons all in the spring
  • Received USATF-Ky’s “Female Long Distance Runner of the Year” award for the second year
  • Was featured in Today’s Woman magazine
  • Met a new friend and training partner, Stephanie, and logged a lot of summer/fall/winter miles with her and got to introduce her to some of my favorite races and routes (she’s pictured bottom right)


  • Miles run: 2,584
  • Average distance: 7.3
  • Max distance: 26.2 (Garmin says 26.4)
  • Total running time: 14 days, 4 hours and 40 minutes
  • Average pace: 8 min/mile
  • Average HR: 145
  • Average cadence: 179

Races run:

  • Marathon x1: Carmel Marathon, March 31, 2:57:35, 2nd female
  • Half Marathon x5: St. Paddy’s Day, Filly’s Women’s Half, Indy Women’s Half, Monumental Half. Two wins!
  • Trail x3: Backside Half, Harrod’s Creek 10k, Otter Creek 8 miler
  • 5k x2 : Anthem 5k, Gaslight 5k
  • 4 miler x2: Snowman Shuffle, Grand Slam

Things I’m excited about for 2019:

  • My race schedule, includes opportunities to race hard at shorter distances and running a marathon I haven’t run before! (Posting the schedule separately!)
  • Continuing to work with my team: coach Matt Ebersole, massage therapist Anne Schneiter, sports chiropractor and all-around fix-it magician Dr. Kyle Bowling and Hammer Nutrition.
  • Keeping my sh*t together with my new customized Plum Paper Planner.