Weekly Recap 12/03/17

Holy crap, working is hard! Whew. But, a solid mileage week even with starting my new job and adjusting to different hours. Monday: 6 miles at 6 p.m. after work. Should’ve gone in the morning, didn’t. 48 min/144 AHR. Tuesday: 5 miles at 6 p.m. after work. Should’ve gone in the morning, didn’t. Morgan first... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 11/26/17

This was my last week off work before I start my new job. It’s been nice having some downtime but I’m excited about my new position and ready to get started! I am not, however, looking forward to running in the dark basically every day. My running was a little mixed up this week since... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 11/19/17

This week ended with a FUN running weekend but I have to do this chronologically for my sanity so hang on. Monday: 6 miles, 50 min, 139 AHR. Woof. After pacing a friend for a half on Sunday, this was very not pleasant. Taught Pilates in the evening, advanced class which meant I got to... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 11/12/17

Since I am transitioning between jobs, I’ve been able to basically play professional runner for a few weeks. Unfortunately it comes at a downtime in training, but those things combined have allowed me to 1) teach a ton of Pilates and 2) start implementing a strength training routine that will hopefully become habit enough to... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 11/5/17

Guys, let me start you with a funny story. After Chicago, I threw my shoes into basically a plastic garbage bag, unsealed. They were wet and it was best for them to be quarantined. When I got home, I obviously wasn’t wearing racing flats for a while. Since the bag was open, I just tossed... Continue Reading →

October Mileage

In October I both ran a marathon and recovered from one. I take both equally seriously! Miles run: 140 miles Time spent running: 18 hours Longest run: 26.2 miles Treadmill miles: 14 Pilates and Jasyoga: 17.5 hours 41 hours of fitness Weekly totals: 49 (Sept. 25-Oct. 1) 64.6 (Chicago Marathon) 14 17 32 12 (Oct.... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 10/29/17

So a crazy thing happened this week. I signed up for Monumental. Just the half, I mean, I’m not that crazy. Coach Matt sent me an email when he updated my log and said if I was feeling good, we should talk about something I could do while CG is running the full. I wasn’t sure... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 10/22/17

Recovery week 2 post-Chicago Marathon, so not a whole lot of really exciting news to report. My HR monitor has been jacked up since Chicago so not reporting that data. Just put a new battery in so hopefully that’ll fix it. Monday: Spin class, 17.5 miles. Good to get my HR up but my legs... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 10/15/17

RECOVERY WEEK! Monday: Still in Chicago. I slept in, staggered down to breakfast, stumbled to Starbucks for better coffee, spotted a donut place en route back to the hotel, retrieved my credit card, went back for donuts. Jasyoga in the hotel, Sunday Reset or Long Run Reset, I forget which. We had lunch in Chicago... Continue Reading →

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