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So a crazy thing happened this week.

I signed up for Monumental. Just the half, I mean, I’m not that crazy. Coach Matt sent me an email when he updated my log and said if I was feeling good, we should talk about something I could do while CG is running the full. I wasn’t sure if he meant pacing or racing, so I waited until after Tuesday’s little bit of speed to write back.

And so I’m racing. As Matt said, I don’t have anything to lose. We both thought I had a faster marathon in my legs than what I ran at Chicago. And, after ALL my key races this year having crappy weather, it sure would be nice to have a good one. And IMM tends to deliver, knock on wood.

Monday: Rain dodging with RR, 4 miles quick-ish, 30 mins. Taught Pilates after.

Tuesday: Taught 2 Pilates classes back-to-back in the morning. Hit the treadmill in the evening for 6 miles moderate, 44 mins.

Wednesday: 4 miles with RR, 33 min. Did my new strength circuit after, 37 mins. Taught Pilates in the evening.

Thursday: 6 miles easy/moderate at lunch, 45 min, 4×100 at the end now that I’m racing next weekend. Taught Pilates in the evening.

Friday: 4 miles easy, 32 min, in the afternoon. Had Morgan the first half-mile and she wasn’t really interested. Also I had a donut, caffeinated coffee, a mojito, and some other weird stuff all before this run so I’m pretty happy with the outcome.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Saturday: 8 miles easy with RR, 63 min. Nice weather. Kept it relaxed. Longest run since Chicago. Good thing I’m running a half marathon next weekend.

Sunday: MUST. RESIST. RUNNING. Coach had this scheduled as a cross-training or off day. But then I was like, what if I run 3 miles? Just 3? Then I’d be at 35 for the week? I was meeting CS at the gym — she’s a friend, running buddy, and the personal trainer responsible for my strength circuit — and we were going to lift when she finished running. So I thoughhhhhhhhhhhht, maybe I’ll just go a little early and hop on the ‘mill for 3 while she finishes. When I got there, she had just finished running, so FINE. I didn’t run. Good for me. I rowed 1500m to warm-up then 40 min strength with CS.

Totals: 32 miles run, 4:20 Pilates taught, 1:15 strength. 

P.S. A quick note for anyone wondering what the heck is up with my schedule. I’m transitioning between jobs so I’ve been “on sabbatical” since Sept. 21. I start my new position after Thanksgiving. Might as well live it up while I can!

P.P.S. I’ll post more about my strength training program in a few weeks!