Oh man I’m so behind on training logs. I had high hopes around the holidays to post them and get caught up, and then it kept slipping by and I felt like I could never catch up.So, I’m going to give a really quick summary and then dive right into this past week (which I am writing on Monday, already off to a bad start).

My last log was Dec. 10, right after Club Cross Country Nationals.

Here’s recaps of the weeks that followed:

I’ve been at 50+ mpw since mid-December, and hit 60 this week. My A race for spring, the Carmel Marathon (Indiana, not California), is in 10 weeks.

And now for this week!

I ran 60 miles, but 46 of them were on the treadmill due to a combination of cold, snow, ice and dark. I also fell off the WorkIN wagon a bit this week, although I did meditate before bed most nights.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday were all easy days.

Cute picture of Morgan in the snow.

Tuesday’s workout was a pyramid progression from half-marathon pace to 5k pace and back down, on the treadmill after work. I was terrified of this workout, which is why I procrastinated and waited until the evening. The up part of the pyramid was hard but then the last two miles felt easier. I’d like to do this one again now that I know what’s coming.

Thursday’s workout was 3 miles of 30 seconds fast, 60 seconds easy. I did this in the evening in the dark BUT it was 63º so who cares.

Friday it dropped 30º, rained, then sleeted/iced, then snowed, so I pushed Saturday’s long run to Sunday hoping I could get outside. No dice, everything that started to melt Saturday refroze and was worse. My bestie did 10 on the treadmill next to me, so it was actually a lot like a normal long run. I had to reset the timer on the treadmill at 12, so I refilled my water bottle and put my headphones on. I picked it up over those last 4 and felt great.

Totals: 60 miles run, 2 Pilates classes taught, 8 minutes of Jasyoga.

Glows: Meal prepped for lunch the past two weeks. Got all my miles in even though that meant a lot of treadmill running.

Growths: Get back on both the WorkIN and strength training wagons!