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Picking out a home treadmill

We all love the freedom of running outside — being in nature, in the elements, covering entire cities on foot. But sometimes, our outside runs don’t quite look like that. Maybe you have… Continue reading

Salty Running: The 2018 Treadmill Entertainment Awards

One of the best things I read on Instagram in all of 2017 was Esther Atkins saying it’s not a “dreadmill,” it’s a “dreammill.” Yes, running outside is totes the best — I’m… Continue reading

Weekly Recap 01/15/18

Oh man I’m so behind on training logs. I had high hopes around the holidays to post them and get caught up, and then it kept slipping by and I felt like I… Continue reading

Salty Running | Treadmill Tip of the Week: Let Us Entertain You!

My latest post on SaltyRunning.com! Welcome to the SaltyValu™ Critic’s Choice Awards for Treadmill Entertainment! Live from the treadmill belt runway, I’m your host, Chicory and I’ll generously spare you the bad political… Continue reading

Weekly Recap 1/8/17

First week of January is over. Three more to go. January is definitely Bertha’s favorite month — if you can log some decent mileage in January, your spring season is off to a… Continue reading

Weekly recap – 12 weeks to Carmel

I ran 54 miles this week and 48 of them were on the treadmill. How’s that for a summary? I will confess that it wasn’t really bad. I downloaded the entire season of… Continue reading

Overcoming January: Weekly recap Jan. 17

It’s January and that means you have to be brave — brave enough to deal with it being light when you leave the house and dark when you eat dinner. Brave enough to… Continue reading

Weekly recap – Training begins for Carmel

A great week even considering the terrible weather to wrap it up today. When coach loaded in my training schedule for the month, I glanced at it but didn’t give it a lot… Continue reading