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Welcome to the SaltyValu™ Critic’s Choice Awards for Treadmill Entertainment! Live from the treadmill belt runway, I’m your host, Chicory and I’ll generously spare you the bad political jokes during my hosting duties today. Salty Running is coming to you with another series of treadmill tips this year, including this one: our personally curated, but sadly not artisanal nor bespoke, list of the top audio and video entertainment options to keep Bertha from talking you out of a treadmill run.


Our Top Tips for Treadmill Distractions

1. Reserve your show, podcast, or audiobook of choice for treadmill running. 

Pick a series that you might not get to watch or listen to otherwise and save it for the treadmill. The goal is to find something so good that you WANT to get on the treadmill.

2. Find what works for you. 

Some Salties only like to watch things they’ve seen already for fear they either get too into a show or that they miss key parts. I have to watch something new and engaging. Frequently with car chases. This also applies to figuring out if you like television shows vs. movies, or audio-only like podcasts or audiobooks. Regular television has commercials and there is nothing worse than being trapped on the treadmill during a commercial break. And since the breaks get longer and more frequent as the show progresses, it will, in fact, be true that the commercials seem to take forever as you near the end of a run. Movies, for me, are too long. I need the plot to move quicker so I stay engaged. A television show (or three) with no commercials does the trick.

3. Perfect your tech set-up. 

A pair of wireless headphones and an iPad is the best combo in my opinion. I just got my first pair of wireless headphones and I am obsessed. They pair via Bluetooth to my phone or iPad and the sound is magically in my ears with no cord bouncing around my chest, tangling in my fingers and then sending my phone flying onto the floor. Then I stream television shows on my iPad or my phone if I didn’t bring the tablet.

Now for the awards!