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Week 10 Recap

I wrote a really good recap post yesterday and it got eaten by the internet. Sigh. Trying again. I don’t think I’ve ever been as sad to see a marathon training cycle end as… Continue reading

Winter Wish List

I should preface this post with this statement: I am a planner. This means I’ve already started my holiday shopping, not because I like it or because I’m one of those people who… Continue reading

Week 9 recap … falter & overcome

About halfway through this week I feared it would be a disaster. The race + long run combo did not help the sore hamstring/IT band I had going last week, but I hoped… Continue reading

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number

After I posted about my first spectator and racing experiences at the Boston Marathon, my friend Heather — with whom I ran Boston the first time — noted I omitted one of the… Continue reading

Week 8 Recap — Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

A solid week in the books. I do think the hardest part about the Pfitz schedule are the two tune-up races with long runs the next day. My legs were garbage after Sunday’s… Continue reading

Week 7 recap — great week!

Remember last week when I was writing about how there aren’t many good weeks in marathon training? Well, when you have one, you should be grateful. And I am grateful. Hugely grateful. Week 7… Continue reading

Week 6 Recap & Welcome, Spot!

Okay. This wasn’t a great week. I think that’s what I don’t like about marathon training. There usually aren’t many good weeks. The entire training cycle is about breaking yourself down and rebuilding,… Continue reading

Week 5 recap – TGIRW

Thank God It’s Recovery Week! The first four weeks of training flew by and were mostly successful. Even though the weeks hadn’t been very high mileage or very intense, it has been a… Continue reading

Week 4 Recap

This blogging-about-training thing was way more fun in the first two weeks when I was hitting everything 100%. This week was kind of a mixed bag, so let’s lead with the positive. Yesterday’s… Continue reading

Week 3 Recap

Well, after two weeks of hitting everything on the schedule exactly right, I knew this would be a week I faltered. Louisville decided to rescind the olive branch of fall weather and present… Continue reading