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Monumental announces smart course changes

Today, the race directors for Monumental Marathon announced some tweaks to the course. Having shared my thoughts on how the course could go from, as we say in education, good to great, I… Continue reading

Week 1 recap

Huzzah — week 1 is in the books and I did not mess up anything. With only four runs, I didn’t have many excuses. Tuesday I ran trails at Tom Sawyer Park — it… Continue reading

Runners love spreadsheets

I don’t know many distance runners in particular who don’t like spreadsheets and/or data. I am definitely one of them. I will put nearly anything into a spreadsheet, and running data is no… Continue reading

Monumental Marathon, week 1

Well, I’ve paid my money so it’s time to put up or shut up. I am registered for what will hopefully be my tenth marathon at Monumental in November. I say hopefully because… Continue reading

A quick primer on this spring’s lightweight neutrals from New Balance

If you know me, you know I love running shoes. A lot. For several years, I’ve run almost exclusively in the New Balance 890. The new 890v5 just hit shelves a few weeks… Continue reading

2014: By The Numbers

This was one of those years that just flew by. It was the year I got married, turned 30, and finally got my running groove back. A year ago, I didn’t think I’d… Continue reading