Race Report: Monumental Marathon 2015

She believed she could, so she did." I fibbed a little when talking about my race goals. I believed in my heart of hearts (I said that to Chris and he asked how many hearts I had, I said seven) that I was ready to run 3:10. But I didn't feel like I necessarily had... Continue Reading →

Monumental 2015: Race Plan & Goals

Well. It's almost time. In some ways it was probably best that I had a crazy week, including being outof town at a conference Wednesday afternoon until earlier today. I stayed distracted. I did end up missing yesterday's run, but I'm pretty sure those 3 miles are not going to make or break tomorrow's race.... Continue Reading →

Monumental By the Numbers

I am currently 2 days, 20 hours and 45 minutes from start time, thanks to the countdown clock on my iMac dashboard that was probably a bad idea. I have just 7 miles left to run over the next two days before it is showtime, Synergy. I'll be running those in Bardstown, where I'll be for a... Continue Reading →

#MarathonTraining is …

Thoughts on marathon training, or #MarathonTraining is ... Foam rolling in the dark at 6 a.m. while eating and almond butter and honey sandwich before your long run. Realizing 12 hours later that you dripped honey on the floor. Wearing a headlamp to run 12 miles in the dark before work. Chafing on your butt... Continue Reading →

Week 10 Recap

I wrote a really good recap post yesterday and it got eaten by the internet. Sigh. Trying again. I don't think I've ever been as sad to see a marathon training cycle end as I am this one. It seems like it really flew by and it never seemed overwhelming. That gives me hope for this race and... Continue Reading →

Winter Wish List

I should preface this post with this statement: I am a planner. This means I've already started my holiday shopping, not because I like it or because I'm one of those people who loves the holidays so much that I have a Christmas CD in my car. Just because I like planning. And I hate... Continue Reading →

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number

After I posted about my first spectator and racing experiences at the Boston Marathon, my friend Heather — with whom I ran Boston the first time — noted I omitted one of the highlights of the trip: watching the Olympic Trials. She's right, of course, but it didn't fit the arc of the story. And... Continue Reading →

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