This blogging-about-training thing was way more fun in the first two weeks when I was hitting everything 100%. This week was kind of a mixed bag, so let’s lead with the positive.

Yesterday’s long run was awesome. Super awesome. It’s been a long time since I finished a 15+-mile run thinking, “Maybe I should just go ahead and do 20.” The weather was perfect — around 50* when I started and not much warmer at the finish. I ran 5 miles before scooping up a friend for another 5. She had run longer the day before so it was an easy day for her — which helped keep me out of trouble. Once I dropped her off I started picking it up, with 3 miles right at marathon pace and the last mile under 7. Also, I ran a lot more hills in this run than I have been — 770 feet of gain compared to 125 in last week’s long run. I did chafe the bejesus out of my sports bra band, which is a new one, plus a spot on my glute where the key pocket holding my gel was located.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.05.18 PM

The rest of the week was kind of a mess. I was scheduled for 10 with 5 at LT pace on Wednesday and 11 easy on Thursday. Tuesday’s recovery run was fine, but when I went out to run on Wednesday I just didn’t have any giddy-up. No dice any of the other weekday days, either. I was really struggling Thursday, when I really had to put in at least 10. It was a frustrating day. I ended up splitting the other run into two, so I lost my second off day. And I didn’t have any motivation to go cross-train either — it’s like if my running is bad, I just want to go home and pout about it. I don’t want to go work out more.

So basically I stunk at this week. I hit the total mileage — 48 — definitely the most since early April.

Thankfully, this is a recovery week. And I am going to take it seriously. I’m going to focus on getting enough sleep, foam rolling, stretching and cross-training. I’ll work a little longer on the rest days so I can make sure to fit in my two longer runs this week — 12 on both Wednesday and Friday.