I don’t know many distance runners in particular who don’t like spreadsheets and/or data. I am definitely one of them. I will put nearly anything into a spreadsheet, and running data is no different.

That said, I don’t keep my log in a spreadsheet, like some do (and that’s a really nice template). Right now I am back to using Matt Fitzgerald’s The Runner’s Diary, because I like the more tangible written log. But I supplement that with my Garmin Connect log and some spotty Strava use — as much as others love the site, I haven’t fallen for it yet — to do more data mining.

Earlier this year, I keep my log in Evernote — here’s my template. I’m not sure where I’ll land this season; right now I have the Evernote version going as well, just not with as much detail as in the past.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 3.47.25 PMWhat I do track in a spreadsheet is my marathon training history. Granted, for some reason I never entered data from Monumental Marathon 2013, but I guess now I have a fun weekend project. So there’s a fun little peek inside what training for my previous nine marathons have looked like.