I am currently 2 days, 20 hours and 45 minutes from start time, thanks to the countdown clock on my iMac dashboard that was probably a bad idea.

7cb4c1445a2f459acb5886625e4e181fI have just 7 miles left to run over the next two days before it is showtime, Synergy. I’ll be running those in Bardstown, where I’ll be for a conference through lunch Friday. And then, yep, I’ll drive home, repack, and we’ll head to Indy that afternoon.

I’ve talked about my spreadsheet love before and rest assured, I’ll post an updated version once this race is over. But for now, a by-the-numbers look at this training cycle (assuming those last two runs).

  • Weeks of training: 12 (Pfitzinger 12/55 plan)
  • Total distance: 505 miles
  • Average over 12 weeks: 42 miles per week
  • Max mileage week: 55 miles
  • Total number of runs: 59
  • Percentage of weeks I hit scheduled mileage: 100%!
  • Runs in the double-digits: 20
  • Runs greater than 15 miles: 8
  • Runs 20+: 2
  • Average distance: 8.3 miles
  • Average pace: 7:53
  • Runs before 6:30 a.m.: 11
  • Pairs of shoes: 4 (on my third pair of Boracays plus a pair of 880v5)
  • Pounds lost: 6
  • Jars of almond butter consumed: 4
  • Scoops of Hammer Recoverite consumed: 64 (at least, I had some single-serve packets too)

Tapering is such a weird time. A) I have time to think of inane blog posts and analyze data excessively. B) I really need to stop checking the weather. C) I have to keep myself from doing anything dumb, like almost falling off the sidewalk on this morning’s run or getting hit by a car (almost twice this morning and damn near Monday night) or overdoing it with XT.

I know I like to see what other people’s race week looks like, so here’s a peek at mine halfway through.

I ran 4 miles easy with a friend on Monday. I had planned on either stretch & abs or Pilates, but friend was running late and we weren’t done in time. (It did remind me why I’ve done almost all my runs solo this cycle. I like my routine and it doesn’t mesh with other people’s.)

Tuesday I planned to do my dress rehearsal run — 7 miles with 2 at goal pace. But, I didn’t feel like getting up early enough and thought in the morning I’d push it to the afternoon. But, surprise, I forgot I had a massage scheduled. How I forgot, I have no idea. Too much happening this week. So I swapped Wednesday’s off day to Tuesday and had a nice 30-minute massage to flush everything out and loosen it up. This was much shorter and gentler than my normal massages (with the same person). Usually she digs deep, makes me cry and I’m sore the next day. I had scheduled three massages during this training cycle — one every three weeks — but had not planned one after week 9. At that one, though, we discussed options for a pre-race one. My massage therapist is a multiple-time marathoner who is now mainly a cyclist and swimmer due to injuries, and she gets it. She knew exactly what I needed.

I considered going to Power Yoga after, but I’d reference Taper Weirdness part C, above, in which I try to avoid doing anything stupid. In fact, I texted my friend/instructor to tell her I was skipping and thanking her for making me stronger both physically and mentally through class this cycle.

Me: I have all this untapped energy and I can see myself totally overdoing it.

Jaime: You? Overdo it? Nah… 😉

IMG_0035Instead, I went for 1.5 mile walk up to Trader Joe’s to grab food for dinner — I took a ground flax crusted chicken recipe from the Racing Weight Cookbook and added chili and cumin, and baked that along with Brussels sprouts, chickpeas and grapes. (Roasted grapes are amazing.)

Today, I got in one more early-morning run for old-time’s sake. Me and Spot hit the roads at 5:30 a.m. for the dress rehearsal run: 7 miles with 2 at marathon pace. Despite my inclination to do a longer warmup and have the GP miles towards the end, that didn’t work as well for my normal early-morning loop, so I did 2 easy to warm up. Then I ran 7:09 and 7:14, which are decidedly not goal pace (unfortunately/this time). But they felt good and even when I would ease off I’d find myself back there. It was an out-and-back segment that is downhill first, uphill second, so the GAP on Strava actually shows the paces practically reversed.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 11.12.53 AMSince I’ll be gone the rest of the week, I started packing last night — but by packing I mean making a stack since I’m using my suitcase for this conference. Also, I’m a planner. I’m using Evernote, of course, to make my packing list so I don’t forget anything. I also have a list going just for my gear check bag, because hubs hasn’t had a great training cycle and I might be waiting a bit by myself. I need to make sure I have my phone so I can track him, plus a waist pack (came in a Stride Box, don’t judge) in case I want to run on the course and find him, my Recoverite, warm clothes, snack, etc. There will also be coffee to purchase at the finish, so I need some cash. (If someone steals my check bag, remember, I can find you on my visitor stats. 🙂 I’ve also linked this note to my Monumental 2015 note in Evernote, of course.

All that’s left this week:

  • Easy 3-4 tomorrow with 6×100
  • Easy 3-4 Friday with 6×100
  • No cross-training
  • No getting hurt
  • No eating anything weird
  • Try to behave while staying in bourbon country

Goals post coming later this week.