The finale

First conclusion: trying to complete this list in 30 days was optimistic. I didn't do them all, but I will keep working on them. It definitely has helped me prioritize, but also gave me an opportunity for self-reflection that was really meaningful. Second conclusion: trying to complete this list while simultaneously getting through Thanksgiving and... Continue Reading →

Days 4-7

I feel like the whole weekend got away from me in terms of this list. But, I got a number of other things accomplished! We did some holiday shopping, I got my pre-Thanksgiving ring cleaning, cleaned out the fridge ... Photos from these days: Day 4: Happy Thanksgiving from Sue, the group fitness director at... Continue Reading →

Day 3

Thursday was pretty much a bust. The only photo I took was this one, which pretty much summarizes the whole day. I left my house at 6:30 a.m. and came home at 10 p.m., which is also when I ate dinner. Long day. Lots of meetings.

Day 2

#10 - Check out the weird oil-slick effect happening in this cloud photo. Don't tell the cops (or my husband) I took 10 frames of this while doing 80 mph down the interstate. #1 - I did 21 pushups in PUMP class at Milestone today. That's all I had time for, but I think I... Continue Reading →

  Not the best photo, but day 1 of 30 days of photos ... Ringling Bros. train rolls through Crestwood. Other updates: Confirmed volunteer at KYA Dec. 11 and 13. (#5) Signed up for women's self defense class at Milestone for the day after Thanksgiving. (#2) Did 3 sets of 10 pushups. (#1)

The List

Many people have created a "30 before 30" list — usually a mini-bucket list of things they want to do before they're 30 years old. Frequent items include traveling abroad, skydiving, getting married. This list is not like those lists. I decided I wanted to make a list of 30 "I wish I did ..."... Continue Reading →

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