I feel like the whole weekend got away from me in terms of this list. But, I got a number of other things accomplished! We did some holiday shopping, I got my pre-Thanksgiving ring cleaning, cleaned out the fridge …

Photos from these days:

Day 4: Happy Thanksgiving from Sue, the group fitness director at Milestone. She has that inflatable turkey wedged in her office. Only Sue, only Milestone.

Day 5: Picking our two Angel Tree recipients and shopping for them was a lot of fun. Thankful to be able to help make a child’s holiday a little brighter.

Day 6: Speaking of bright — clean rings! Chris thinks I’m too obsessed with getting them cleaned. They do it in two minutes and they look so much better. If you don’t get yours cleaned regularly, you’re missing out.

Day 7: We decorated for my boss’s birthday at the board meeting. He’s only 48, unless you believe the sign that said he’s 70. The decorations were a surprise, as was the birthday cake and super-surprise song-singing by a group of students.

Oh, I also bought a swimsuit Saturday, which will help with #3. Chris is going to get in the pool with me on Friday. Friday is also the day for my self-defense workshop at Milestone (#2).