#10 – Check out the weird oil-slick effect happening in this cloud photo. Don’t tell the cops (or my husband) I took 10 frames of this while doing 80 mph down the interstate.

#1 – I did 21 pushups in PUMP class at Milestone today. That’s all I had time for, but I think I could’ve done at least 25. My plan is to keep mixing it up every couple of days, doing a combination of “as many as possible” and sets. I did 3×10 yesterday, so Friday or sometime this weekend I think I’ll try 4×10.

I also tried the steam room at Milestone (#2), but I don’t think that counts. It was interesting. The steam was like a suffocating blanket. Also, I totally had an R.L. Stine moment where I imagined the door getting stuck and dying in there.