First conclusion: trying to complete this list in 30 days was optimistic. I didn’t do them all, but I will keep working on them. It definitely has helped me prioritize, but also gave me an opportunity for self-reflection that was really meaningful.

Second conclusion: trying to complete this list while simultaneously getting through Thanksgiving and into Christmas was a terrible idea.

  1. 30 pushups at once
    1. Piece of cake. Working on building up to 50.
  2. Something new at the gym
    1. Took a self-defense class, tried the steam room, went to a spin class (I had been to a different early morning/shorter spin class twice, but that was it).
  3. Try swimming
    1. Tried it. Didn’t really like it. But, planning to sign up for the next adult swim classes at the gym.
  4. Talk to someone about fitness competition.
    1. Haven’t, but I have contact info for two  women.
  5. Volunteer somewhere for an hour
    1. Had this on the books but had to cancel
  6. Read an essay by Camus
    1. Hm. I can probably knock this out today. Kind of forgot about this one, which is why I put it on the list to begin with.
  7. Eat somewhere fancy
    1. Not anywhere fancier than usual, but holding on to the possibility the hubs might pull through with birthday dinner for this one.
  8. Give three “just because” gifts
    1. Again, this is hard at Christmastime.
  9. Learn how to use the manual setting on the camera
    1. Using it more, but haven’t really learned what I wanted.
  10. 30 photos, 30 days
    1. Pretty sure I took at least one photo every day, but some of them were really uninteresting. Click here for the complete album.
  11. Fix the film camera
    1. Again, too much holiday craziness. No time and tighter budget. Will revisit in spring.
  12. Write a poem
  13. Write weekly in gratitude journal
    1. This is going to be a tough habit to get started, but again, just thinking about writing in a gratitude journal encouraged me to be more conscious of for what I am grateful.
  14. Sew something
    1. I hemmed some pants.
  15. Make three Christmas crafts
    1. I designed Christmas cards, cards to go with our Angel Tree gifts, a money holder jar, and a few other odds and ends here and there.
  16. Redo the home office
    1. I can’t even think about doing this until Christmas is over and all my gifts and wrapping supplies are out of there.
  17. Get Team NB Lou rolling for 2015
    1. On the to-do list for the vacation I’m taking between Christmas and New Years
  18. Select and hang wedding photos
  19. Design/order wedding album
    1. Ordered today
  20. Pay it forward at a coffee shop
    1. This works best at a drive-thru and I haven’t been to one in a while.
  21. Eat a new food
    1. See #7
  22. Go ice skating or roller skating
    1. Again, too much craziness. And we spent all our free time bowling.
  23. Review my credit report
  24. Have a certain amount in savings
    1. Did this, but am working to set some financial priorities that impact both this item and the one prior.
  25. Have Gwen align my hip and do exercises at least 3 times per week.
    1. Didn’t go to PT but have been doing exercises.
  26. Sign up for another MOOC or some other class
  27. Set race goals for spring 2015
    1. Well, I won a free entry to the Derby Marathon, so I think we’re good there. Setting schedule during aforementioned vacation time.
  28. Make a friend dinner to take home
    1. I really like this idea and am hoping to make it happen in January
  29. Call three people you only talk to via text/internet (but know in real life). Actually seeing them counts too.
    1. Just straight failed at this one.
  30. Launch personal website
    1. I’m considering this accomplished since I completely redid this site. Am considering purchasing a domain name.