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Training Logs – 6/24 to 7/14

After a training log hiatus, I’m going to jump back in this season. Hopefully, anyway. Starting with a pretty light log of the two three weeks post-Grandma’s Marathon. The irony is real, guys. I… Continue reading

Recovery Arsenal

Recovering is as important to our training as the running itself — but we so often convince ourselves that the best thing we can do is more work. But really, the gains are… Continue reading

CTM Band combines multiple recovery techniques

As runners, maybe we just can’t help but be uncomfortable. After all, racing is an exercise is being uncomfortable. So when my sports chiropractor came out with a new myofascial release tool …… Continue reading

Weekly Recap 10/15/17

RECOVERY WEEK! Monday: Still in Chicago. I slept in, staggered down to breakfast, stumbled to Starbucks for better coffee, spotted a donut place en route back to the hotel, retrieved my credit card,… Continue reading

6 Recovery Tips for Your Toughest Workouts

By Steve Born for Hammer Nutrition Recovering thoroughly between ALL your workouts — even the easier ones — is undeniably important. But what about those ridiculously hard workouts, the ones where you tell… Continue reading

November Mileage

Mileage doesn’t matter when you’ve just crushed your goal time and PR’d by 10 minutes. All the big mileage months before paid off and November was time to recuperate, rebuild, rejuvenate. Starting to… Continue reading

Weekly Recap 11/13/16

Recovery week! After last week’s marathon, I followed coach’s instructions and laid pretty low … although I could’ve done less. I listened to my body, though, and did what sounded enjoyable and didn’t… Continue reading

6 Recovery Tips for Your Toughest Workouts

Great article by Hammer Nutrition’s fueling expert, Steve Born. Article below, reprinted from original online here. Use me as your referral if you want to try these products (Tracy Green, #254423). Recovering thoroughly between ALL… Continue reading

Product of the Month: Hammer Nutrition Recoverite

Each month I’ll be spotlighting a product that I rely on for my training and racing … and sometimes even life in general. I’m kicking this series off with my favorite product: Hammer Nutrition’s… Continue reading

Week Recap – Recovery Week 1/5 weeks to Otter Creek

Well, I am definitely having the best marathon bounce-back of my running career. I feel awesome. I’ve been trying to decide what I think that means. Here’s what I’ve come up with so… Continue reading