Bagel in my pocket!

Recovery week! After last week’s marathon, I followed coach’s instructions and laid pretty low … although I could’ve done less. I listened to my body, though, and did what sounded enjoyable and didn’t try very hard.

Monday: 1 mile walk before teaching Pilates. Not my regular class but got called to sub Sunday afternoon. Fortunately, it probably kept me from finding something more intense to do.

Tuesday: 4 mile run, 35 minutes, with a stop at a playground for my friend’s little guy then 2k on the rowing machine. (I love rowing.) Root canal and then an hour massage. Hell of an election day all around.

Wednesday: 3 mile run, 25 minutes. Taught Pilates in the evening.

Thursday: 60 min spin class early morning. Felt good until we got into high resistance, at which time my quads politely declined the invitation. Taught Pilates Strength after work.

Friday: 4 miles easy, 34 minutes, with my bestie.

Saturday: 60 min spin class, met a friend there. About the same as Thursday. 30 minutes of Jasyoga in the evening.

Sunday: 4 miles easy, 31 minutes, accidental progression. Placed a Panera order from the app and ran the last 800 meters with a bagel stuffed into a vest I wore just because it had a bagel-sized pocket.

Totals: 15 miles run, 36 miles of spin, 3 hours of Pilates, 2000 meters rowing, 1.25 miles walked.

Another easy week on deck. Who knows what I’ll get into this week!