Monday: Still in Chicago. I slept in, staggered down to breakfast, stumbled to Starbucks for better coffee, spotted a donut place en route back to the hotel, retrieved my credit card, went back for donuts. Jasyoga in the hotel, Sunday Reset or Long Run Reset, I forget which. We had lunch in Chicago and then flew back in the afternoon.

Tuesday: Taught Pilates in the morning which was a good chance to stretch. I attempted to do an easy spin on the bike trainer in the evening but I fell over twice and quit after 15 minutes.

Wednesday: 3 miles easy/25 minutes, stiff to start but okay by the end. Felt better after than before. Taught Pilates in the evening.

Thursday: 2.5 mile run/walk with Morgan/49 minute of screwing around and stopping for coffee. Taught Pilates in the evening.

Friday: 4 miles easy/32 minutes. I remember running being much easier than this. Also humid AF this week.

Saturday: 3 miles easy/24 minutes. I have forgotten how to not go running. Also it was nice out. First 1k with Morgan. Jasyoga Running Efficiency Boost after.

Sunday: 4 miles easy/31 minutes. Met a friend for the middle part of her long run and we ran along the Ironman Louisville course.

Totals: 14 miles run, 3.5 hours Pilates/Jasyoga.