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Weekly Recap May 8

I finished this week grateful to be getting some miles in. Recovery is really important but it also takes me away from the thing I love the most. This week was still pretty… Continue reading

Weekly Recap May 1 – Adventures in Rowing

Week two of recovey following the Carmel Marathon and I was getting pretty stir-crazy. I watched friends (via Strava) who had just ran Boston a couple of days after my race start hitting double… Continue reading

I’m in Hammer Nutrition’s Endurance News!

Check it out! I’m in the latest edition of Endurance News! Click below for the entire magazine, along with great articles from the Hammer Nutrition team — including an interview with ultramarathoner Dean… Continue reading

Weekly Recap April 24

Well, week one of recovery means there’s not a whole lot to report! Coach and I discussed, and with no races planned for summer — nothing to really peak for, at least —… Continue reading

Weekly Recap Feb. 28

Less mileage this week as we head into a somewhat intense race season. This Saturday was the Anthem 5k, which kicks off a three-race series in Louisville, each distance two weeks apart and… Continue reading

Weekly recap Feb. 21

BIG WEEK. Completely exhausted, trying to rest as much as possible today to get ready to do it again. That’s the grind of marathon training — you have to be consistent, committed, relentless.… Continue reading

Pilates Pose of the Week: Teaser

Teaser is one of the most quintessential Pilates exercises in my opinion. This one of the poses people immediately think of when they think of the method. It really tests the control of… Continue reading

Weekly Recap Feb. 14

Happy Valentine’s Day! As I write this, my husband is making me chicken piccata and homemade tiramisu … even though it seems this week it seems like my significant other is the treadmill. Monday… Continue reading

Pilates Pose of the Week: Double-Leg Stretch

I love the double-leg stretch. This is the second exercise in the traditional ab series. Following the single-leg stretch, you can either flow right in to this exercise or, if you need a… Continue reading

Pilates Pose of the Week: Single-Leg Stretch

This week, I’ll continue this series by starting the traditional “ab series.” I find the name a bit ironic since all of Pilates is focused on your core! The first exercise in this… Continue reading