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Weekly Recap 9/11

My body definitely feels like I put in a lot of miles this week but it seems kid of surreal at the same time. Like, how did that just happen? I hit 76.5… Continue reading

Weekly Recap Sept. 4

Happy long weekend! I love three-day weekends, even though I have so much to do that Monday is my only real down day. This week I got super exciting news that I was… Continue reading

August Mileage

Talk about a month I won’t miss! A lot of great training but man, that weather? No thanks. August Recap: YTD progress: 82% of goal — 1,870 of 2,260  Miles run: 288.5 Time… Continue reading

Race Announcements!

I’m excited for my fall lineup and wanted to share! On Sept. 17, I’ll be racing the Indy Women’s Half Marathon. I ran this race in 2014, which they still held it in… Continue reading

Weekly Recap Aug. 21

Marathons, and training for them, are a bit of a roller coaster. There are ups and downs, twists and turns, throughout the race and all the weeks leading up to them. Even some… Continue reading

Weekly Recap Aug. 14

We’re now 12 weeks out from the Monumental Marathon, which is normally when I start training. Except I’m starting this cycle with a 70 mile week and my second 20 miler. When I PR’d… Continue reading

Weekly Recap Aug. 7

This was a little bit of a “down” week since my really long runs are every other weekend. But my down week was 60 miles … which is higher than what I maxed… Continue reading

Weekly Recap July 10

Whoa. Starting to put in some real work now! Coach had given me a heads up that more mileage was coming, but he managed to sneak it in and I (almost) don’t notice.… Continue reading

Weekly Recap: July 3

Wait, it’s July already? What? We’re now 4 months out from Monumental and we’re starting to take things up a notch. This week was a little lighter in terms of intensity but still plenty… Continue reading

June Miles

A pretty sizable mileage month for June — 228.6 miles! Other stats: I ran every day in June 31 hours, 24 minutes of running Longest run: 17 miles Average distance: about 7 miles Average… Continue reading