IMG_5816My third consecutive 50+ mile week of the summer! This was a rough week — I was feeling a little worn down and not getting enough sleep, and then the heat and humidity went up … a lot.

It was awesome being off Monday; I got to run with my friend Amanda and her dog Julep. Julep always makes things interesting. But a nice easy run with some hills — and at a perfect time of day. Not too early, but still done by 8:30 a.m.

Tuesday I had an orthodontist appointment at 7:30 a.m. and with 10 miles on deck, I wasn’t getting up that early. And then it was 85+ degrees after work so treadmill it was.

Two side notes: 1) I found out my braces can come off in early July — four months early! You all have no idea how excited I am. 2) I know running 10 on the treadmill seems like a weird thing to enjoy but I don’t mind it. I have water, no traffic, and I can usually watch Fixer Upper. 🙂

This was an easier workout, 5 miles of cutbacks. I started with a 3 mile warm up and then 7:45, 7:35, 7:27, 7:17 and 7:03, then 2 miles of cool down. Average HR for the last one was right at 85%. I followed that with some quality foam roller time — I have been getting massage ever 3 weeks but my massage therapist was out so I was starting to feel all those miles!

Wednesday was an easy recovery day in the morning — very easy. This one hurt. Not hurt, really, but it wasn’t fun. It was slow and humid and slow.

I taught Pilates that evening and was able to incorporate some different movements and changed up the format a little. My clients were getting a little bored and I don’t blame them. Unfortunately I’ve been so overloaded the past few weeks that I haven’t had much time to R&D for my classes. I’m hoping with the new class schedule I’m starting next week things will be a little easier.

Count ’em: 15 hill repeats!

I had a hill workout Thursday morning. It was still pretty hot and humid — 70 degrees at 6 a.m. and 90% humidity. The warm up was pretty sluggish but the repeats — 15 x 20 seconds with 40 seconds recovery — were good. I took water with me … something I should do more often. I also worked through some drills that morning. I am trying to improve my form and my economy — but not necessarily by changing my form or my footstrike or anything, but by becoming stronger and more efficient.

Here are two good drill resources if you want to give it a shot:

I’m mixing in a little bit of strength/plyo, with some lunges and tiny box jumps (by box I mean the curb, so it’s like 6 inches but a good place for me to start!).

I also taught my Pilates Strength class this evening … which meant more lunges! I mixed up the standard format for that class, too, so it was more traditional Pilates movements with weights incorporated.

Friday was a great run, probably the best I had up to that point in the week. It was a little cooler but not much, so I’m hoping it just means I’m acclimating. I felt more comfortable and like I wasn’t straining or struggling the entire time.

I had time that morning for a long-ish walk to and from a meeting, although it was quite a bit warmer on the way back. Whoops.

Saturday was another good run, so I felt like the week/my legs/my life was coming back around. I had a 3 mile warm up and then alternating 4 miles at 75-85% max HR with an easy mile between, 2 mile cool down. The fast miles were 7:07, 7:17, 6:54 and 6:49. The second mile is in an area where either I always run slower or my Garmin tracks slower. I firmly believe it’s the watch! 😜

After running I taught TWO hours of Pilates — the intro and advanced classes back-to-back. Whew. That’s a lot of core!

Coach has been putting my Sundays as a flex day/cross train/off day. I’ve been running on them but was considering resting this week. But, my friend wanted to run and I only needed a little bit to get over 50 so … Nice easy 3.25 to wrap up the week, ending at a bagel shop. YES.

Totals: 51 miles, 4 hours of Pilates, 2 miles of walking.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 6.54.27 PM.png