Yes, I get to work here.

When I accepted my new position at The Library Foundation two months ago, I was thrilled to be heading into development full-time and for a cause I’m truly passionate about.

I was also excited about being downtown.
Although raised a farm girl, my grandmother worked downtown and I always loved “bring your granddaughter to work” days. I also love typewriters, computers, office supplies and a lot of other weird things that made a lawyer’s office a great place for me to hang out. (I’ve known how to complete a triplicate carbon copy subpoena and trifold a letter since I was probably 6.) But I loved everything about being downtown: the people, the opportunities, the sheer number of things to do, to see, to learn.
When I started college, I did so in Boston, which allowed me to have some serious big-city immersion. I loved it. But since returning to Louisville, I had not had the opportunity to actually work downtown. In fact, for five years I was in Oldham County, which is basically the opposite.
So when I accepted this new job, I was also excited to be downtown. Very excited. I issued myself a challenge — informally at first and more recently a little more formally — to take advantage of this opportunity. More recently I’ve quantified it a little bit: do one new thing each week. And maybe not limited to downtown, but just in general, but mostly downtown.
Fairdale Library

In my first two months I went to:

This week, I want to check out the Gray Street Farmer’s Market on Thursday. The week after is my first FREML meeting. Then, a visit to Crescent Hill Library. Then, Girls Pint Night Out Cards Against Humanity night. July includes a MENSA lunch bunch meeting.
Stay tuned!