My Marathon Story

My first experience with a marathon was Boston. I was a college freshman in the city, and mostly what I remember is being excited that we had Monday off. As I write this,… Continue reading

Week 6 Recap & Welcome, Spot!

Okay. This wasn’t a great week. I think that’s what I don’t like about marathon training. There usually aren’t many good weeks. The entire training cycle is about breaking yourself down and rebuilding,… Continue reading

RIP Cameron Bean 1986-2015

Originally posted on Cole Runs:
Cameron and I were really good friends for our first 2 years at ZAP. We hung out all the time, laughed a lot, ran a ton of miles…

Week 5 recap – TGIRW

Thank God It’s Recovery Week! The first four weeks of training flew by and were mostly successful. Even though the weeks hadn’t been very high mileage or very intense, it has been a… Continue reading

Week 4 Recap

This blogging-about-training thing was way more fun in the first two weeks when I was hitting everything 100%. This week was kind of a mixed bag, so let’s lead with the positive. Yesterday’s… Continue reading

Week 3 Recap

Well, after two weeks of hitting everything on the schedule exactly right, I knew this would be a week I faltered. Louisville decided to rescind the olive branch of fall weather and present… Continue reading

Runners’ rocky relationship with the sun

I have a lot of memories of running as a child growing up on our 92-acre farm in Little Mount, Kentucky. Dashing up the gravel drive to my grandparent’s house. Scampering along paths… Continue reading

Week 2 Recap

Second week of marathon training in the books, just 39 miles but definitely a different arrangement of miles than what I’ve been doing. Plus it came on top of a difficult week. Last… Continue reading

Monumental announces smart course changes

Today, the race directors for Monumental Marathon announced some tweaks to the course. Having shared my thoughts on how the course could go from, as we say in education, good to great, I… Continue reading

Running starts with sounds, not steps

I’m going to run, he says —I know.  Running starts with sounds, not steps.  Drawer. Drawer.  Velcro.  Shoe. Shoe.  Keys. Door.  Beep!  (Written after listening to my husband get ready to go for… Continue reading