Week 1 recap

Huzzah — week 1 is in the books and I did not mess up anything. With only four runs, I didn’t have many excuses. Tuesday I ran trails at Tom Sawyer Park — it… Continue reading

Runners love spreadsheets

I don’t know many distance runners in particular who don’t like spreadsheets and/or data. I am definitely one of them. I will put nearly anything into a spreadsheet, and running data is no… Continue reading

Chasing Boston (part 4 – injured)

Originally posted on Not another Brooklyn blog:
The grotesquely swollen ankle pictured here is not a running injury. It’s a blogging injury. How prescient was I when I identified blogging, birds and booze as…

Monumental Marathon, week 1

Well, I’ve paid my money so it’s time to put up or shut up. I am registered for what will hopefully be my tenth marathon at Monumental in November. I say hopefully because… Continue reading

Heady heads to race #3 of Ultrarunning Grand Slam

For some, running the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run would be a life accomplishment — a very big check on that bucket list. But for Cynthia Heady, this year’s WS100 was just the… Continue reading

Knabel shows no signs of slowing down

For master’s runners, the reality is that you’ll reach a day where you will only get slower. That is, unless you’re my friend and Team New Balance Louisville teammate Shannon Knabel. Shannon was… Continue reading

Celebrating Father’s Day with a fast

This year I am celebrating Father’s Day simply by celebrating the fact my father is still here. On Sunday, we won’t be going to brunch, or lunch, or dinner — because I have… Continue reading

Racing Across the Bluegrass: Fall half-marathon/marathon options

Road Home Half Marathon, Sept. 12, Somerset. If you’re looking for an early-fall tune-up option, this race benefiting Habitat for Humanity might fit the bill. Two hills in the front half of the… Continue reading

Owensboro Memorial Day Half report

 After dropping out of the Derby Marathon last month, I was in need of a confidence boost. And while I didn’t think I could hit the marathon time I had trained for, I… Continue reading

Did not finish or did not fail?

Sometimes, wanting something isn’t quite enough. I work in education and we teach our students that it is okay to fail — that failure is a learning process. As I work through swirling… Continue reading