August Mileage

IMG_4835See ya, August. Holy cow how is Chicago only 5 weeks away? Vomit.

I’m feeling good though; mileage isn’t as high as before Monumental last year but my speed is better. And it’s not like the mileage is low — I averaged 62 mpw this month.

  • Miles run: 274 miles
  • Time spent running: 36 hours
  • Longest run: 20 miles
  • Treadmill miles: 40
  • Pilates and Jasyoga: 10 hours, 50 minutes
  • 47 hours, 23 minutes of fitness

Weekly totals:

  • 58 (includes July 31)
  • 64
  • 60
  • 66
  • 60 (34 through Aug. 31 + 26 Friday-Sunday)
  • YTD goal progress: 64% (1,939 of 3,000)

Compared to August 2016:

  • Miles run: 288 miles
  • Longest run: 20 miles
  • 52 hours, 27 minutes of fitness

2 thoughts on “August Mileage

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  1. Good luck with Chicago! Your mileage is really, really strong- especially because you don’t “just run”, you do pilates as well. That makes a big difference and contributes to fitness too. Can’t wait to see how the marathon goes.

  2. Awesome job in August. I am so excited to see you crush it in Chicago. And hopefully you spectate Monumental. I think speed is really important as a base and clearly you have that working for you. Wishing you a healthy last 5 weeks of training.

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