Marathon training can be such a grind, just trying to recover before the next workout or long run, feeling like you’re slow and exhausted and there’s no way you can run a marathon soon especially not fast.

But that’s the sneaky thing about fitness. It hides from you. You’re getting stronger and faster, even while you’re feeling the exact opposite.

Some weeks, that fitness peeks out and says, “HI TRACY YOU DON’T SUCK AFTER ALL.”

I like those weeks.

I had one of those weeks this week.

Monday: 8.25 miles, 64 min, AHR 150. A little faster than a usual easy run because I was in a hurry. My HR was in range though so I just went with it.

Tuesday: 10 miles on the treadmill. I could’ve done this workout outside but the idea of 10×800 outside sounded really miserable no matter how I thought about it. It sounded less miserable on the treadmill so I did that. This was 10×800 at 85% max with 200 jogs … so more of a long tempo with short breaks than something like Yasso 800s. (Yasso 800s call for 10×800 hard with equal time recovery as a marathon time predictor. I averaged 3:13 and 68 second jogs.) I was happy with the effort, felt controlled the entire time and on target HR (162 average on the repeats, max 164-174).

Wednesday: Easy 6 early in the morning with the run club. Taught Pilates after work.

Thursday: 10 miles early, 78 minutes, 142 AHR, with 5 miles “light” progression (no more than 80-85% max). It was actually like 8 miles of progression if you include the warmup, haha. The idea here was more to get some turnover going and loosen up the legs than getting much speedwork benefit from it. I did it with a combination of HR and pace targets: 7:43/142, 7:34/147, 7:25/151, 7:14/152 (hm), 7:11/158. The last mile was slower than I was hoping for but the rest was great. Taught Pilates after work.

Friday: Sports chiro in the morning; tweaked my back last weekend. It was feeling better but was actually still swollen when he started looking at it. The two Pilates classes did not help. I got dry needled, adjusted, taped, and okay’d to run. 6 miles on the treadmill after work while the remnants of Harvey rolled over, 48 min, 139 AHR. The mister was texting me the whole time from two treadmills away, but it was his birthday so he can do what he wants.

Saturday: 14 miles, 1:48, 144 AHR. I kicked this workout’s ass. It called for 5 easy, 2 miles of 1 min on/1 min off, 2 easy, 3 at 75-85%, 2 easy. First 5 at 8 min pace; 7:17 average for the on/off; 2 easy at 8:07; 3 quick at 7:12, 7:09, 6:43; 2 cool down at 8:07. THE QUACK ATTACK IS BACK, JACK! Thank you fall weather, I’m glad you’re here. Took Morgan for a long walk after and did some Jasyoga.

Sunday: We went out Saturday night for Mr. Chic’s birthday so I slept in on Sunday, ran, and got donuts. Finishing writing this log with sticky fingers, a cup of coffee, and a dog on my feet. 6.25 miles,

Totals: 60.5 miles run (2 miles with Morgan), 2 hours of Pilates and Jasyoga.

Beers I drank: Great Flood Brewing Co. “Find A Way IPA” (Louisville, KY), Southern Tier  Nu Skool IPA (Lakewood, NY).

Cool thing I read:Joan Benoit Samuelson Targets a Sub-Three Hour Marathon—at the Age of 60” by the WSJ. Guess where she’s going to make the attempt?!?!?!?!? *pees pants*