kombuchicoryNamaste, dear Reader. I am writing to you from the comfort of my organic, free-range and shade-grown yoga mat, wearing my cruelty-free bamboo clothing, having just dabbed essential oils on my blocked chakras as I sip on my fermented fungal brew. That concoction also known as kombucha.

Hold the phone. None of this sounds like me. At all.

Except, I freaking love kombucha.

Yes. It’s true. I drank the kombucha Kool-Aid, as it were, and you should too.

Read the full story over at Salty Running.

Thanks to Kentucky Kombucha for being a great resource for this piece. I’m working on a profile of Paul and Ali — they are super cool entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they’re doing — and I’m excited to share it on this site soon! They have 75 retail locations in Kentucky, so if you’re in the Bluegrass state, give it a try!