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Carmel Marathon Race Report (finally)

This marathon cycle I unplugged a little bit. I didn’t write training logs for Salty Running. I did a terrible job, frankly, of even updating my logs for my coach to review. I… Continue reading

Not a Perfect Race, But a PR Is Good

This column was published in the Running Journal, June 2016 (e-edition here). Six years ago, I ran a marathon PR. I ran six marathon in 3.5 years, including Boston twice, and I was… Continue reading

Weekly Recap May 1 – Adventures in Rowing

Week two of recovey following the Carmel Marathon and I was getting pretty stir-crazy. I watched friends (via Strava) who had just ran Boston a couple of days after my race start hitting double… Continue reading

Weekly Recap April 24

Well, week one of recovery means there’s not a whole lot to report! Coach and I discussed, and with no races planned for summer — nothing to really peak for, at least —… Continue reading

Carmel Marathon 2016 Race Report

Okay, first, I have to apologize for doing a terrible job blogging over the past month. Here’s what happened: I wrote 90% of the post for the week I was hurt, but when… Continue reading

2016 Triple Crown Race Recap

Racing, truly racing, comes at a cost. It’s both physically and mentally taxing. It takes courage, willpower, focus. Your legs work harder, your lungs work harder, your heart works harder. All systems operating… Continue reading

Weekly Recap March 20

Oh, the grind. This week featured the first day this year that I really fell on my face in training. I mean, not literally. Monday was fine, an easy 8 that included being… Continue reading

Weekly recap March 13 – 2016 PR #3

This spring season is flying by! Only 5 weeks until Carmel Marathon. Of course, that means I’m right in the heart of the marathon grind. The first four to six weeks of a… Continue reading

Weekly Recap March 6

I’m very proud of this past week. I got in 66 total miles (!), including two speed workouts and my first 20 miler of the season. Plus teaching 3 hours of Pilates. Side note:… Continue reading

Weekly Recap Feb. 28

Less mileage this week as we head into a somewhat intense race season. This Saturday was the Anthem 5k, which kicks off a three-race series in Louisville, each distance two weeks apart and… Continue reading