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Youth cross-country a boon to Bluegrass image

Kentucky — a state known for bourbon and fried chicken, but increasingly known also for running. Despite the south being football country, and Kentucky specifically being basketball country, the ranks of top-notch young… Continue reading

Cbus or bust: a comeback marathon

My running career took off like a rocket about six years ago — unfortunately, it fell back to earth just as quickly. After struggling for the past two years, I can’t decide if… Continue reading

Four years of chasing bourbon … on foot

Four years ago, I talked to man who was planning to launch a new overnight relay on Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail. Mike Kuntz explained the idea to me and my friend/coworker/running pal Diane. Our… Continue reading

A runner attempts Pure Barre

Most of us, as runners, understand the importance of cross training — both for our health and to better our running performance. But let me be honest — I love running. I despise… Continue reading

Live in the moment

Live in the moment. That simple sentence kicked off the fifth year of Derby City Athletic Club’s youth cross-country camp, which I wrote more about in the July issue of the Running Journal.… Continue reading

Two-a-days in the mountains – vacation perfection

At the end of June, I’ll be heading to a beautiful place to do nothing but run with about 75 other people. My non-running acquaintances think this is the opposite of an ideal… Continue reading

Feeling twice as bad about running half as far

Dropping down in race distance is a double-edged sword. There’s a mix of disappointment, failure and regret — but also a little bit of relief. When I admitted, six weeks before the Kentucky… Continue reading

The reliable running community

On a beautiful, unseasonably warm day in early March, Kenny Gilliland set off for an easy 6 miles from his home. His home, about 15 minutes from Louisville, was in nearby scenic Oldham… Continue reading

Skipping the hometown marathon – until now

The number of marathons in the U.S. has risen nearly 70 percent in the past decade. Yet, some big cities still don’t have big marathons. Louisville is one of those. Sure, it’s not… Continue reading