I didn’t run fast this fall BUT I did have fun. Shoutout to my friend Mike who went on to run 2:53!

If asked over the summer, I would’ve told you November would be a recovery month after I ran the Monumental Marathon. Well, I didn’t run the marathon but I did get the recovery month so … winning? (Not really.) If you missed the whole story, hop back to this post for an update.

While I had some free time this month, I tried something new: hot yoga. For years I’ve avoided it — I hate being hot. Hate. Also, hot yoga is intimidating. And long. My understanding was that it was a silent 90 minutes and that’s really not the case (at least not always). 

Ummm so as it turns out I really like it. And if I end up better acclimated to heat and more flexible, that seems like a win all-around. I suspect I’ll only be able to squeeze in one session a week, but I’m hoping to stick with it

This was super-light month … Coach put me on a two-week recovery block and then two weeks of easy build up. 

Yes, I am holding the birdhouse upside down.
  • Miles run: 111.4 miles 
  • Time spent running: 14 hours
  • Longest run: 14.2 miles
  • Treadmill miles: 39.5
  • Pilates and yoga: 14 hours
  • 31.5 hours of fitness
  • 2 races: Monumental half marathon, Harrod’s Creek Trail Bash 10k (1st female)

 Weekly totals:

  • 47 (Oct. 29-Nov. 4)
  • 20
  • 17
  • 24.5
  • 33 (through Dec. 2)

YTD goal progress: 80% (2,412 of 3,000) 

November 2017: 181 miles run 

November 2016: 144 miles run