Whew. Really fell off the training log bandwagon. That’s not to say I haven’t been running … because I definitely have. I think I was spending so much time running that the last thing I wanted to do was spend more time thinking about running! Plus, I’ve been doing a lot of runs with a friend, sometimes two, so I had more of a real-life support system this season than the past few seasons.

Anyway. I’m racing the Carmel Marathon on March 31 and so this is the for-real taper week!

Here’s what training has looked like for the past few months. Total mileage is followed by weekly milage.

  • December: 223 miles (50, 40, 52, 50, 54)
  • January: 251 miles (56, 60, 56, 54, 63)
  • February: 260 miles (56, 70, 66, 70)
  • March: 211 miles so far, estimate 264-667 for the month (57, 63, 50, 45-56 for this week with race)

I ran every day except one from Nov. 18 through March 25 … I have two optional off days this week plus the day after the race. I don’t think of it as streaking, just training. I still feel guilty about the day I took off on Jan. 25, too. Excluding that week, all the other random lower-mileage weeks are race weeks, and the mileage hit came on race day — I didn’t do a very long run those weekends, but weekday mileage was pretty consistent.

20 milers: 3

Races: Club Cross Nationals in December; Snowman Shuffle 4 miler Feb. 10, 24:53/6:15 pace; Anthem 5k March 10, 19:05/6:09 pace; St. Paddy’s Day Half Marathon March 18, 1:29:05/6:50 pace. I felt really good about Snowman Shuffle. That’s a better time than I posted there last year on more-tired legs. Anthem 5k did not go as well as hoped, but again, tired legs. Basically trained straight through it. Also didn’t have the mental game dialed in for that one. St. Paddy’s half was intended to be an MP-effort run and I think I executed pretty well. It was really a solo time trial on a really hilly course. I was first female by 13 minutes and fourth overall, so this is to say I spent a lot of time running by myself on a path in the woods with no crowd support. I feel pretty decent about that, too.

So, yeah. Time to run a marathon! I’ll write a race report, swear.