Morgan’s on a run/walk program for now.

We’re some 17 weeks from Chicago (as of the week’s end, not its beginning), and my mileage says it’s safe to say we’re back in training mode. I train with my coach year-round, and we don’t really do training “cycles.” I like this a lot for a couple of reasons: 1) I don’t ever have to get back *in* shape and 2) I like the consistency and routine. But, my mileage hit 55 this week — my “oh yeah we’re doing this again” mark. See, 55 was my max from 2012-2015, following the double-stress-fracture-hamstring-strain situation. And it’s what I maxed at when I ran 3:10 for a second time in the fall of 2015. But then I started working with coach and my average for the two marathons I’ve ran while training with him has been 55+.

As I head into this marathon cycle, I’m trying a couple of things to stay focused. One, I bought a Compete journal so I have a private space to record workout and life notes. With my Training Peaks account (shared with coach), Strava, and nine million other forms of social media, I’m guilty of spotlighting the positives and downplaying the bad. The journal also prompts me to set my intention each week and has some great goal-setting and self-assessments along the way.

In addition to setting an intention each week, I’m also adding a “glow and growth” to my logs. When I worked in education, this is a practice we did with staff. You identify a successful moment and an opportunity for growth, in this case, each week. I was first introduced to this concept at the Conference on National Affairs as part of the Kentucky delegation, although we called it something different. It gives me a chance to remember something positive while also finding ONE area to improve on — instead of being overwhelmed by a whole litany of things that I could be doing better (like not ordering pizza while writing this log, you know, just as an example).


So all that said. Log time!

Intention for the week: “Get comfortable being uncomfortable.” It’s been tough switching gears back into training mode while simultaneously getting gobsmacked by humid, hot weather. This mantra is always a good reminder for me that training isn’t always easy.

Monday: Holiday!!!! Slept in, walked the dog first with a few run intervals thrown in. Ran 6 easy, 48 min/149 AHR. Hubs ran late in the day so doggie and I walked over to the ice cream shop to meet him at the end, then we all walked the mile back.

Tuesday: Ah. Ten Mile Tuesdays. I had almost forgotten about you. Out the door at 6:02 a.m. for a ladder interval session — 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 minutes hard with 2 minute jog between efforts. Did a bunch of laps around a half-mile park loop. Good weather. The back half of the ladder was a little slower but really pretty close. I love this workout. 10 miles, 77 min/152 AHR.

Wednesday: Recovery run, 6.25 mi, 49 min/151 AHR, 63*!!! Felt good. Some days my legs are so dead that my recovery runs stay in the 140s. Taught Pilates in the evening.

Thursday: Stupid me. Slept in — just did not want to get up. Went for a walk with the pup instead. Did some cross training during work — 2x 10 pushups, 1 min plank, 10 squats, 10 single leg squats (each leg), 10 rear-foot elevated split-squats (each leg). Hit the treadmill after work for a moderate-paced 8 miles, 60 min/155 AHR. I’ve had this same run three weeks in a row and this was definitely the best version of it. Last week I was 90 seconds slower. Taught Pilates immmmmmmediately after the run. Like ran downstairs and started.

Friday: Super early run with a couple of friends, 7 miles, 60 min/144 AHR. This was supposed to be 6 but I took us out a little too far. Everyone is welcome for the bonus mile! Had time to run/walk with the pup, too (24 minutes/2.4) miles. Massage after work. :raised hands emoji:

Saturday: Long run day, 13 miles. 1:41:29/151 AHR. Weather was nice to start but got hot and sunny around mile 9.

Sunday: Slept in a little, short walk with the pup then 5 miles easy. Actually pretty good run, right around 8 minute pace, 40 min/142 HR. Did 34 min run/walk with Morgan (the dog) after.

Totals: 55.25 miles, 6.47 additional run/walk miles with Morgan, 12 total miles walked, 2 Pilates classes taught.

Glow: Better long run than the past two weeks. Had some faster miles mixed in.

Growth: Sucked at extra salt this week. Need to incorporate more strength, Jasyoga, drills, foam rolling. I did schedule all my massage appointments through the race, though!

Current shoe rotation:

DCIM108GOPROG0081736.JPGI’ve mentioned my assorted shoe use before so I’ll keep it up in my logs for your entertainment. I experimented with a few new models this spring, including the New Balance 1080v7, New Balance Boracay v3, New Balance Zante v3, New Balance 880v7, and the New Balance 1400 v4 (okay, and there’s a pair of v5s in my closet already).

As of the end of this week, I’m starting a pretty fresh rotation. The 1080 and Zantes were okay but not great. The 880 and 1400 are awesome, but my 880s are about to max out — sitting on 340 miles right now.

Sooooo you can reasonably deduce that I bought two new pairs of 880s this weekend. Unless something crazy happens, I anticipate the lineup through Chicago will be rotating a couple of pairs of 880s alongside the 1400s. Typically I wear the 1400s on Tuesdays and sometimes Thursdays, also whenever I have a shorter long run with speed mixed in (I’ve got one of those coming up in a few weeks, so stay tuned). Plus races.