After two recovery weeks, I’m starting to build mileage back up. My “A” race for fall is the Chicago Marathon, although I’ve got a few shorter races along the way. (I’m registered for three in June and July — 5k, 10k, and a road mile, in that order.)

Week of May 15-21

Monday: 5 miles (44 min / 136 AHR) in the morning. The only redeeming quality of this run was that I did it in the morning when it was 60º and not after work when it was 90. As you have probably forgotten (I did, and had to check), this was the day after the Mother’s Day 5k, so it was a very Tin Man-esque event. Taught a Pilates class that evening.

Tuesday: 8 miles (61 min / 162 AHR), hot as hell after work. Upper 80s. Was supposed to be 3 miles of progression, going faster every half mile. I struggled and the last mile was the same as the second. And I had to pause for a break. Or several. Woof. Definitely the turning point for morning-only workouts for the next few months. Jasyoga “How to Warm Up” before.

Wednesday: 5 miles (42 min / 143 AHR) in the morning. Taught Pilates that evening.

Thursday: 6 miles (47 min / 155 AHR) in the morning, back on the struggle bus. 75º and humid. Schedule called for a moderate run with strides at the end, 2 miles warm-up, 3 miles average HR 158 (~80%), 1 mile with striders and full recovery between. Taught Pilates in the evening.

Friday: 5 miles (41 min / 148 AHR), still hot and humid in the morning but better.

Saturday: 10 miles (81 min / 141 AHR). Muggy, surprise. Okay run.

Mr. Chic opening his tri season.

Sunday: 3 miles (23 min / 145 AHR) during the hubs’ triathlon. Coach actually scheduled me a cross train or off day … but … I ran a loop of the bike course instead.

Totals: 42 miles run, 2:52 Pilates and Jasyoga, 2.5 miles walked.

Week of May 22-28

Monday: 6 miles (49 min / 131 AHR) in the morning, blissful 53º. Taught Pilates in the evening.

Tuesday: 8 miles (59 min / 150 AHR) in the morning, 3 miles of steady-state with surges every 3 minutes. Really good day. Negative split the steady-state while staying within HR zone — 6:45, 6:40, 6:35. Was really happy with this after being pretty flat last week and it being an early morning workout.

Wednesday: 6 miles (50 min / 139 AHR) in the morning. The better I run on Tuesday, the worse I run on Wednesday! Heat and humidity picking back up. Taught Pilates in the evening.

Thursday: 8 miles (62 min / 149 AHR) in the morning. Did not want to run, wanted to sleep. But, work event in the evening meant Bertha needed to get outta bed. Basically the same moderate run plus strides as the Thursday before, just longer. I took the first mile slower this week and then was able to pick it up much better. Averaged 7:28/153 for 5 miles compared to 7:39/158 for 3 miles the week before. That’s what 57º compared to 75º will do for a girl!

Friday: 5 miles (44 min / 152 AHR) TRAIL DAY after work. Happy Happy Joy Joy! 80º though.

Meet Morgan!

Saturday: 12 miles (97 min / 148 AHR). Sloggy long run, humidddddddddd and warm. But then we adopted a doggie after so who cares?!?!?!

Sunday: 5 miles (41 min / 148 AHR) easy day. My last scheduled flex/off day for a while … and I ran anyway because I wanted to get to 50. Took our new dog, Morgan, out for a walk plus some run/walk before. I’m hoping she’ll be able to run with me, but she’s a rescue that had been a stray so I want to ease her into it.

Totals: 50 miles run, 2 hours Pilates, 2 miles walked.