Treadmill twice this week.

After making myself run in the morning a lot last week, I failed at that this week. We had weird weather in Kentucky, cold for most of the week then really warm Saturday and then really cold Sunday. I’ve basically worn every clothing combination possible!

Monday: 8 easy after work, 62 minutes, average HR 145. Debated doing this inside versus outside, but really, 37* is about perfect running weather for me. What I don’t like are all the people rushing home and almost running me over.

Tuesday: 10 miles with speed after work, 73 minutes, average HR 156. This one was on the treadmill. 2 mile warmup, 3 miles at 80% max HR, 3 miles at 85-90% max HR, 2 mile cool down. I felt good about this one.

Wednesday: 6 miles easy, 49 minutes. Accidentally deleted this one off my watch, doh. Left work a little early and ran with a friend. Taught Pilates after.

Thursday: 8 miles “moderate,” 58 minutes, 157 average HR. This was no bueno. I was still half-asleep when I hit the treadmill at 6:15 a.m. and struggled to find my groove. Despite the mental sufferfest, my legs did okay. Taught Pilates that night, but only one person came so it was basically a private session, which is actually kind of fun.

Saturday: shorts & tee.

Friday: 5 miles easy, 39 minutes, 137 average HR. Took the day off work and it was GREAT. Waited until mid-afternoon to run when it was warmest, and listened to an episode of How I Built This on the run, until my phone froze.

Saturday: 14 miles, 1:49, 147 average HR. I was originally planning to run the Otter Creek Trail race as a fun run with a friend. So she couldn’t go, it’s about 45 minutes away, and it was looking like it might rain the entire time. The issue with the rain is that the trail runs along a cliff and is all clay that gets really slick when it rains. No point in risking injury (I sprained my ankle there in 2012; it still clicks) for an off-season fun run. Stayed home and slept in. It warmed up 20 degrees overnight and was in the mid-50s when I went running. Really windy though. Drizzled a couple of times which at least cut the humidity, but never got really rainy. Finished the run with 3 quicker miles, 7:33, 7:28, 6:58.

Sunday: All the layers.

Sunday: 4.25 miles, 33:33 (!!!), 142 average HR. I wish I was turning 33 because that’s a crazy time, but alas, I’m 32 today. Had birthday breakfast with my dad and sister’s (dad’s birthday is in a few days too) then drove over to The Parklands for a short, easy run. Half as many degrees outside as yesterday — 24, felt like 11. I might’ve actually been overdressed but the wind coming the last mile back was pretty stout. Hit a few slick spots on the asphalt but the concrete areas were fine. Crazy seeing how high the creek was up after last night’s rain.

Totals: 55.3 miles, 2 Pilates classes, some haphazard Jasyoga mixed in.