Speedwork on the ‘mill.

This week involved a lot of cold and dark runs, but a solid 50 mile week with three quality sessions. I’ve also been doing the Jasyoga Hit Reset Streak challenge, so I’ve been squeezing in little bits of yoga every day.

Monday: Easy 7 miles early, 58 minutes.

Tuesday: 10 miles, 79 minutes. The lone treadmill run of the week — needed to get this workout in before work, and it was cold, dark, and rainy. My limit is two bad things, and that was three! Speedwork was 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 minutes around tempo pace with 2 minute jogs between. This is a “lighter” workout as I ease back into training.

Wednesday: 6 miles, 49.5 minutes, easy and early with a friend. I did a bunch of exercises while I was at work, including 4 minutes of planks, 40 squats, 24 lunges, and 5 minutes of Jasyoga. Taught Pilates that evening — a great Kathy Grant-inspired class.

Legs up the wall with Jasyoga

Thursday: 6.2 miles, 42.5 minutes. First time I’ve tried running at lunch at my new job (I think I only did it once at my old job). Moderate pace 70-75% max HR. Cold and windy but good. And daylight! Taught Pilates Strength after work.

Friday: 4 miles, 33 minutes. Freezing — windchill was 14* and it was SNOWING. In my eyeballs.

Saturday: 12 miles, 86 minutes. Coach wanted the first 10 at 75-85% max HR plus a cool down. I was skeptical of this workout and almost bailed to the treadmill so it would be warm and I could set it and forget it. I even went out and started my car … but once I got down there I decided it wasn’t that bad. My first mile was 7:11, which was a little surprising and really encouraging. I averaged 7:04 for the first 10 then ran the last 2 easy. About a half hour of Jasyoga after.

All the colors!

Sunday: 5 miles, 40 minutes. Easy with a friend. Not much notable, coach had scheduled 4 miles, cross training or off, so regardless, I overdid it a bit. But I couldn’t end the week with 49 miles!

Totals: 50.2 miles, 2.5 hours Pilates/Yoga.