Weekly Recap July 17


Time to run, time to bun.

So, Strava segment chasing and Pokemon Go are basically the same thing, right? You’re running around all over town to catch a digital object. Generally, I don’t do either, but I did plan Sunday’s route to go snag a soft segment — it was basically on a loop I regularly run, just in the opposite direction and a road over.

Monday a raccoon ran straight at me a half-mile into the run and I seriously thought it was going to come attack me. Instead it ran into a culvert under the road, but it was still the most interesting part of the run. Just easy miles and drills, then teaching Pilates after work.

I needed to get in Tuesday’s speed session in the morning because I had plans after work. I have a love/hate relationship with morning speed work — I love having it out of the way but I generally don’t run as well that early. This was 6 miles at 85% max HR, which is probably one of my favorite things to do. I like that pace of pushing but not suffering. I felt like I could’ve gone another mile or two (which is good because I’m sure coach will add more on!).

Wednesday was the typical recovery day at Floyd’s Fork early, and it was a less-terrible run than I expected. I taught Pilates that evening, too — a stability ball class that made me sore, too!

I had another double-digit day Thursday, moderate pace plus strides. I’m still struggling to find the happy place that is “moderate.” I actually didn’t teach my normal Pilates Strength class because the gym shut down for cleaning through the weekend.

Friday was a recovery day and I was definitely feeling the week. I was actually surprised by the HR/pace correlation because it felt worse than it appears!

IMG_6835Saturday was a down weekend — my long runs alternate between 16+ and 12 with speed. I lallygagged around the house and finally got started. I had a rough route in my head but I neglected to think through the fact all the hills were in the speedwork portion! It was a good, solid run, though.

My run plans for Sunday got cancelled at the last minute, so I slept in then headed out to run a loop similar to part of Saturday’s, but backwards so I could pick up that segment, lol. I remembered why I don’t run that loop in that direction, too! More hills for me! Coach had scheduled Sunday as 4-6 miles or off, and I maybe sort-of ran 7 so I could round off my miles for the week.

Totals: 60 miles run, 2 hours of Pilates taught. 

Racing next weekend!

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