Time to run, time to bun.

So, Strava segment chasing and Pokemon Go are basically the same thing, right? You’re running around all over town to catch a digital object. Generally, I don’t do either, but I did plan Sunday’s route to go snag a soft segment — it was basically on a loop I regularly run, just in the opposite direction and a road over.

Monday a raccoon ran straight at me a half-mile into the run and I seriously thought it was going to come attack me. Instead it ran into a culvert under the road, but it was still the most interesting part of the run. Just easy miles and drills, then teaching Pilates after work.

I needed to get in Tuesday’s speed session in the morning because I had plans after work. I have a love/hate relationship with morning speed work — I love having it out of the way but I generally don’t run as well that early. This was 6 miles at 85% max HR, which is probably one of my favorite things to do. I like that pace of pushing but not suffering. I felt like I could’ve gone another mile or two (which is good because I’m sure coach will add more on!).

Wednesday was the typical recovery day at Floyd’s Fork early, and it was a less-terrible run than I expected. I taught Pilates that evening, too — a stability ball class that made me sore, too!

I had another double-digit day Thursday, moderate pace plus strides. I’m still struggling to find the happy place that is “moderate.” I actually didn’t teach my normal Pilates Strength class because the gym shut down for cleaning through the weekend.

Friday was a recovery day and I was definitely feeling the week. I was actually surprised by the HR/pace correlation because it felt worse than it appears!

IMG_6835Saturday was a down weekend — my long runs alternate between 16+ and 12 with speed. I lallygagged around the house and finally got started. I had a rough route in my head but I neglected to think through the fact all the hills were in the speedwork portion! It was a good, solid run, though.

My run plans for Sunday got cancelled at the last minute, so I slept in then headed out to run a loop similar to part of Saturday’s, but backwards so I could pick up that segment, lol. I remembered why I don’t run that loop in that direction, too! More hills for me! Coach had scheduled Sunday as 4-6 miles or off, and I maybe sort-of ran 7 so I could round off my miles for the week.

Totals: 60 miles run, 2 hours of Pilates taught. 

Racing next weekend!

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