Lake Michigan.

Still catching up …

Not much to look at this week except for ALL THE MILES. I texted coach on Sunday and said, “How did that happen?”

We were in Chicago Thursday-Saturday, so I only got in one Pilates class but had lots of time for running.

I’m also trying to incorporate more running drills into my routine to help strengthen my form.

Tuesday I had 3×1600 at 85% max HR — on the treadmill. We had rain something like 20 out of 25 consecutive days. It was really starting to wear me out. The repeats went okay … not great, but okay. 6:44, 6:35, 6:39, average HR 170. Recovery was 3:15/3:20 (it was supposed to be 3 minutes but I needed the extra to get to a marker on the treadmill I could remember for the next repeat, haha).

Thursday I ran early before we flew out, with 6 x 1 minute on/2 minutes off. I like this type of workout. Coach said go 85-90%, so basically just bust it out for a minute, then jog for 2. No splits, no time goals, just hard.

Terra cotta soldiers at the Field Museum. Incredible.

Friday I ran with one of Coach’s other trainees, Karrie Hamstra-Wright. She’s an awesomely nice person who consistently runs in the 2:50s. Because of logistics, we only ran a couple of miles together, but it was super fun. Congrats to her on a 2:59:19 finish at the Bayshore Marathon on May 28, for 3rd place female!

I thought about doing my long run Saturday in Chicago, but the fact we were at a speakeasy until 2 a.m. caused me to reconsider. Instead, my husband and I went on more of touristing run — around Navy Pier and to the Bean, sightseeing.

Sunday I got a late start — still catching up on my sleep — which was unfortunate because it was HOT. Coach called for 12 miles total with the first and last miles as warm up/cool down. Then take the remaining 10, split in half, and run the second half harder than the first. Okie dokie. This sucked. I ended up needing to stop for water quite a bit and just to stand in the shade. The first 5 averaged 7:48, HR 155. Second 5 averaged 7:28, HR 154 — but that’s a bit of a bad stat because I think I stopped an extra time in the second set. Ideally I wouldn’t have stopped at all, but it wasn’t that kind of day. I could’ve done this on the treadmill but I need to get acclimated at some point. Oh, and after the run I walked to Starbucks for an iced green tea (unsweeted, the best) but my watch died on the way. That’s about how I felt, too!

Oh, yeah: 53 miles total (!!!), one Pilates session, and an amazing amount of walking in Chicago (32,000 steps on Friday alone).

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 7.36.20 AM