Book Review: How Bad Do You Want It?

Book title: How Bad Do You Want It? Author: Matt Fitzgerald Release date: 2015 What’s this book about? Subtitled “mastering the psychology of mind over muscle,” HBDYWI looks at epic moments in endurance sports to mine habits and tactics the rest of us can use to cultivate our own mental strength. Performing at your best means... Continue Reading →

Book Review: “Marathon Man”

Title: "Marathon Man" Author: Bill Rodgers (and Matthew Sheraton) Published: 2013 What’s this book about? Bill Rodgers tells how he became the top marathoner in the world. He went to college with Amby Burfoot and Jeff Galloway at a small DIII school in Connecticut, but was more of a free-spirited, hippie runner than Burfoot, his dedicated... Continue Reading →

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