GPTempDownload 24.jpgHi friends! I know, it has been a while. I’m going to attempt a blog comeback, at least a little bit of one. Let’s start with a quick recap from August.

At the end of July, we bought a treadmill from our gym which was super exciting. Considering how hot and humid it has been this month, having the treadmill right downstairs is coming in handy. I also learned you can connect wireless headphones to a Fire stick so I may never leave. Also, you can run in buns when you’re treadmilling in your basement and nobody looks at you weird (except the dog).

  • Miles run: 266 miles (Aug. 1-31)
  • Time spent running: 35 hours
  • Longest run: 18 miles
  • Treadmill miles: 68
  • Pilates and Jasyoga: 9 hours
  • 46.5 hours of fitness
  • No races this month
Weekly totals:
  • 46 (July 30-Aug. 5)
  • 65
  • 58
  • 65
  • 58 (Aug. 27-Sept. 2)
YTD goal progress: 61% (1,826 of 3,000)
August 2017: 274 miles run
August 2016: 288 miles run