This story meant a lot of all of us at Salty Running so I wanted to share it here, as well.

The #MeToo hashtag has dominated our social media feeds lately, and rightly so. Created to bring awareness to the significant and consistent sexual violence, harassment and rape that women have been — and are — victims of on a daily basis, the #MeToo movement has given women a platform to share their stories, even including four United States senators.

Our mission at Salty Running is to create a safe space where we can share our stories and build a community that empowers us as runners and as women. We share our #MeToo stories today not to scare you or as proof that running is just too dangerous for women. We’ve moved past perceptions that women can’t run because they are not physically able or because it is not safe for women to be alone. Indeed, the prevalence of #MeToo stories across social media indicates that it is often simply dangerous and precarious to be a woman, and running does not increase our risk of harassment or attack. We’re just as likely to be harassed at work, the gym, in the subway or online.

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