IMG_1740 2Taper week means not a whole lot to talk about in the training log! Like I mentioned last week, Coach had me taper pretty aggressively since I had been in a bit of a funk both mentally and physically. I also implemented Poppy’s advice for heat acclimation, so most of the runs were done overdressed unless it was 75+ degrees.

Monday: 6.5 miles easy (52 min / 144 AHR). I had a work event at 7, so I left early, ran, and came back. Dry shampoo FTW. I remember nothing about this run so it must’ve been fine. 75* at run time.

Tuesday: 8 miles (61 min / 154 AHR) with 3 miles of blind half-marathon pace. Basically 3 miles of HMP effort then compare that to your anticipated pace. I got off to a slow start, but went 6:50, 6:33, 6:22 to average 6:35 for the segment. 75* at run time.

Wednesday: 6 miles (49 min / 139 AHR) with my bestie and lots of stops. 85* at run time. Massage right after, then taught Pilates after that.

Thursday: 7.5 miles (60 min), with 5 miles easy then 8x 30 sec on / 60 sec jogs, cool down. Ran after teaching Pilates Strength so it was only 63* which meant I wore capris and a long sleeve.

Friday: 4 mile shakeout run (33 min / 141 AHR) in the morning. It was only 50* so I wore a thermal top, t-shirt, full tights, gloves, and a hat. I was actually comfortable for the first mile or so. Picked up my race packet around lunch time.

Saturday: 15.64 total including three warmups and the Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon. Race report coming separately.

Sunday: First non-running day since November 19. Easy 30 minutes on the spin bike and subbed a Pilates class.

Totals: 47.6 miles run, 105 minutes of Pilates, quite a bit of undocumented walking.