Monthly Mileage: December 2018

My friend Kaci, left, and I living our best sloth lives this month. Boy, December, you are always a hot mess. Kudos to every runner out there who stuck with any semblance of a plan this month. At the beginning of December we went on a mini family vacation which actually was a good running... Continue Reading →

I’m in a magazine!

It's an honor to be part of Today's Woman magazine's January issue! I got to tell some of my marathon journey and the photo shoot was a ton of fun. It's also great to see a lot of other Baptist Health/Milestone Wellness Center people in the issue, like Alison, Debbie, Maggie, Stephanie, Lisa and Maria!... Continue Reading →

Sleep Soundly For Superior Recovery

"Sleep deprivation can put you in one of the worst holes you’ll ever experience. It goes hand in hand with overtraining, erratic training, and poor performances." - Nate Llerandi Check out this new article from Hammer Nutrition about how "if you're not sleeping, you're not recovering." I believe so much in the importance of sleep to... Continue Reading →

Race Report: Otter Creek Trail Runs

I’ll admit to being a bit of a fair-weather runner in some situations. I don’t take pride in suffering through miserable conditions — treadmills exist for good reason. And when it comes to signing up for December trail races that are an hour away … Consider me a bit noncommittal.  I love the Otter Creek... Continue Reading →

Congrats, DCAC!

For several years I proudly raced under the Derby City Athletic Club banner and worked with its youth program including chaperoning cross country camp in the Smokies. This year (and not for the first time), DCAC brought home the AAU National title! Here's a MileSplit article with the results. Way to go, Derby City!

Picking out a home treadmill

Ignore the vacuum.  We all love the freedom of running outside — being in nature, in the elements, covering entire cities on foot. But sometimes, our outside runs don’t quite look like that. Maybe you have to run during rush hour and your route is jammed by distracted drivers. Maybe you’re too crunched for time... Continue Reading →

Monthly Mileage: November 2018

I didn't run fast this fall BUT I did have fun. Shoutout to my friend Mike who went on to run 2:53! If asked over the summer, I would’ve told you November would be a recovery month after I ran the Monumental Marathon. Well, I didn’t run the marathon but I did get the recovery... Continue Reading →

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