Monthly Archive: September, 2018

CTM Band combines multiple recovery techniques

As runners, maybe we just can’t help but be uncomfortable. After all, racing is an exercise is being uncomfortable. So when my sports chiropractor came out with a new myofascial release tool …… Continue reading

’11 Fitness Pros on How to Not be an A-Hole at the Gym’

I talked to InsideHook about gym etiquette from the perspective of a runner and Pilates instructor. Did we miss any tips? What’s your gym pet peeve? Read the story here. 

Half a marathon, but twice as scary?

I used to be scared of the half marathon. Too far to fake it, not far enough to be comfortable. I worried if I ran a half marathon before a marathon, I’d use… Continue reading

Study finds dehydration makes us stupid (surprising no runner)

It’s hot. It’s humid. It’s the southeast from May until August, at least, and sometimes longer than that. We’re training for fall marathons, reciting the mantra “humidity is the poor man’s altitude” and… Continue reading

August Recap

Hi friends! I know, it has been a while. I’m going to attempt a blog comeback, at least a little bit of one. Let’s start with a quick recap from August. At the… Continue reading