Weekly Recap 09/17/17

It's almost here!!!! This was my last big week of training, now time to sharpen up and get ready to fly. I raced a 5k on Tuesday and am feeling good about Chicago! Monday: 8 miles, 63 min, AHR 141. Ran during lunch. Great idea. I don’t do this often because there’s no shower available. But... Continue Reading →

Half-Miler to Marathoner: Nick Symmonds is Training for 26.2

Running a marathon is on a lot of people’s bucket lists. Including, as it turns out, two-time Olympians. It’s the last running goal Nick Symmonds wants to check off his list. “I’ve done everything I wanted to do — break 4:00 minutes in the mile, make the Olympic team — except run a marathon,” he... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 09/10/17

Whew! It turns out I’m not as out of shape as summer made me think. That’s a big relief! It’s not even just summer, I guess. When I’m running seven days a week, like I have been since May 13, a very large percentage of the miles are easy. Even the gut-wrenching, dry-heaving speed days... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap – 9/3/17

Marathon training can be such a grind, just trying to recover before the next workout or long run, feeling like you’re slow and exhausted and there’s no way you can run a marathon soon especially not fast. But that’s the sneaky thing about fitness. It hides from you. You're getting stronger and faster, even while... Continue Reading →

August Mileage

See ya, August. Holy cow how is Chicago only 5 weeks away? Vomit. I'm feeling good though; mileage isn't as high as before Monumental last year but my speed is better. And it's not like the mileage is low — I averaged 62 mpw this month. Miles run: 274 miles Time spent running: 36 hours... Continue Reading →

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