‘Off Résumé: The Nonprofit World’s Talents and Accomplishments Outside of Work’

I had the honor of being included in a round-up of what some nonprofit employees do in their off time, put together by the Chronicle of Philanthropy! Tracy Green, director of development at the Louisville Free Public Library Foundation, is a competitive marathon runner hoping to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Trials. She’s currently training... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 08.27.17

There’s always, I think, a point in marathon training where the sheer size of the thing starts to bear down on you. The point where the mileage is high, the workouts are hard, and suddenly the race is close enough that you feel like you’re completely unprepared and don’t have time to get there. Or... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 08.20.17

Sleep. Some days my body just says NO, very clearly and definitively, when my alarm goes off. I’ll lay there, my brain scrambling for an alternative to running early. Sometimes I say, “Oh, I’ll run during lunch,” except running during lunch is always miserable (mid-day, hot, sunny, no good routes, no shower). But I’ve come... Continue Reading →

Weekly recaps July 23 & 30

Sometimes I have to think less about running and just do the damn thing. So I haven’t been great about logging or reflecting or any of that. I did read Ronda Rousey’s “My Fight/Our Fight,” which was a good motivational read that was also quick and easy. Quick and dirty weekly recaps for now. My... Continue Reading →

Monthly Mileage | July 2017

I know I'm behind on training logs but I promise I've been running! Some highlights from July: Miles run: 259 miles Time spent running: 34 hours, 31 minutes Longest run: 16 miles Treadmill miles: 6 Pilates and Yoga (mostly Jasyoga): 8 hours 43 hours, 17 minutes of fitness 2 races Weekly totals: 58 (June 26-July 2)... Continue Reading →

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