Weekly Recap – 05/21/17 and 05/28/17

After two recovery weeks, I’m starting to build mileage back up. My “A” race for fall is the Chicago Marathon, although I’ve got a few shorter races along the way. (I’m registered for three in June and July — 5k, 10k, and a road mile, in that order.) Week of May 15-21 Monday: 5 miles... Continue Reading →

Runners, Use Your Sunscreen!

As runners, we spend a lot of time outside. But do you apply sunscreen before you go out for every run? Even more important, do you put it on as part of your daily routine? Do you put it everywhere you need to? Only recently have I noticed a trend away from tanning and towards skin... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap: 5/7/17 and 5/14/17

Two training logs for the price of one! I’ve been on a two-week recovery block following the Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon, my A-race of the season. Week of May 1-7: Instructions from coach were 0-16 miles; 3-4 runs of 3-4 miles, no more.  Unfortunately, when you’ve run every day for the past 5.5 months, “off”... Continue Reading →

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