Race Report: Kentucky Derby miniMarathon 2017

I should start from the beginning. Or close to the beginning, anyway. My first half-marathon was the Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon in 2007, just a month shy of my 1-year running anniversary. I was couch-to-5k-to-10k-to-10 mile-to-13.1 in 12 months. 10 years ago, I lined up for the miniMarathon wearing bib 772. I ran 1:46:36 for... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 4/30/17

Taper week means not a whole lot to talk about in the training log! Like I mentioned last week, Coach had me taper pretty aggressively since I had been in a bit of a funk both mentally and physically. I also implemented Poppy’s advice for heat acclimation, so most of the runs were done overdressed... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 4/23/17

This was a fun week! I tried something new — racing on the track. But we’ll get to that. Significant drop down week — races this week and next, oh boy. Probably my lowest mileage week all year. Also this week I started incorporating some heat acclimation work, although I’ve run in everything from 50*... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 4/16/17

Oh! I get to taper! Actually, coach may be having me taper more than I did before my last marathon. Although I didn’t run two races in back-to-back weekends for the marathon, either, so maybe that’s part of it. Either way, this was the last bigger mileage week. I only hit 70 once this season,... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 4/9/17

My usual schedule was a bit flip-flopped this week to give me a little more recovery after Papa John’s 10 miler. Typically, I have a hard speed session on Tuesday followed by a lighter Thursday speed/turnover session — and this week coach had me do the opposite. This worked great for being peppy for speed work... Continue Reading →

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